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Guild Information
Kade os invejoso

The guild was founded on ILusioN Baiak on May 28 2019.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Baixinha (TAINA) Majestic Druid 697 offline
Event Pro Rush Majestic Druid 491 online
Hezzik (NehkaFanyk) Majestic Druid 789 online
Washington (Suspense) Majestic Druid 501 online
Vice-Leader Flairstaar (C.H.I.L.E.) Supreme Sorcerer 763 offline
Radzki (Brutality mmgv .,!) Elder Druid 581 offline
Member Aarya Elite Knight 508 offline
Agresivo Lord Paladin 592 offline
Alex Gonne Majestic Druid 578 offline
Also Ten Elder Druid 34 offline
Amarillo (Empezo esoo de new locos) Majestic Druid 564 offline
American Work Lord Paladin 573 online
American York ($York$) Lord Paladin 760 online
Ana Galindo Star (I love Venezuela) Supreme Sorcerer 547 offline
Athos Just Gods Lord Paladin 563 offline
Bagoul Majestic Druid 604 online
Bandiit Majestic Druid 602 online
Barnney Lord Paladin 520 online
Bebe Anjelys (Te Amo Venezuela) Majestic Druid 492 offline
Bellotax Elder Druid 603 offline
Black Samurai Lord Paladin 553 offline
Black Ultra (EL ROMPE MUELAS) Lord Paladin 600 offline
Brindadoo Royal Paladin 395 offline
Britney Spears (Oops!... I Did It Again) Lord Paladin 706 online
Brooklin Lord Paladin 544 online
Brutality (uno para todos) Majestic Druid 530 online
Cabba Lord Paladin 593 offline
Care Puto (MirameSoyunProstituto:$$) Majestic Druid 480 offline
Carrao Majestic Druid 523 offline
Coca Inna Elite Knight 534 offline
Cratos Monster Knight 600 offline
Dave Hester (RETIRED) Majestic Druid 508 offline
Demolitora (BaTe De FrEnTe) Majestic Druid 576 offline
Di ih (Onjacktalbeck) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Dill Vala (Bang Bang) Majestic Druid 551 offline
Dioguinho Elder Druid 471 offline
Dragonelx (Pazzur en el mapa) Master Sorcerer 511 offline
Dramoh Elder Druid 430 offline
Dreizack Royal Paladin 493 offline
Druid Rl (Mato Msm) Majestic Druid 488 offline
Druidizinha Loka ((Vida Lokaa)) Lord Paladin 537 offline
Eowinn (The King) Monster Knight 602 offline
Estoy Mamadisimo Lord Paladin 600 offline
Exiva Bombo (Bombo Push Manual) Lord Paladin 595 offline
Fe Furri (con la fe!) Lord Paladin 543 offline
Flair (VIVA CHILE CTM) Majestic Druid 478 offline
Flairsteep (La Promesa xD) Lord Paladin 675 offline
Freddy El Paladin (Venezuela En Pinta) Lord Paladin 524 offline
Fuctor levi (Charlover Fuck.i.) Majestic Druid 492 offline
Gaia Saint (Siempre presente) Lord Paladin 607 offline
Genesiss Lord Paladin 602 offline
Ghost Rider ((Mírame a los ojos)) Lord Paladin 624 online
Gisli Majestic Druid 509 online
Gogeta Ultra Lord Paladin 540 offline
Goku Ultra (Saiyan Moai) Lord Paladin 694 offline
Granjero (DejeSuLoquera Muevalo de Hay) Majestic Druid 508 offline
Hagoromo Otsutsuki (Bum Bum tam tam) Royal Paladin 610 online
Itz Zestor (ZUMBO PA ZUMBO) Elder Druid 520 offline
Itz Zowckk Majestic Druid 541 offline
Jakemate Lord Paladin 538 online
Javed Iqbal Royal Paladin 601 offline
Jaze Elder Druid 204 offline
Jeepers Creepers (PRENDE EL PITITO) Lord Paladin 593 offline
Jenifer Bueno Lord Paladin 609 online
Jezza Elder Druid 166 offline
Just For Fyn (- Future And The Blow !) Lord Paladin 701 online
Keflaa Lord Paladin 594 offline
King Of Souls (♥♥King♥♥) Lord Paladin 600 offline
Kylie Jenner (love u) Lord Paladin 563 offline
Litox (Protector de castle) Majestic Druid 670 online
Livius (Zacky Rose) Majestic Druid 707 offline
Lord Hastermund Elder Druid 553 offline
Lucry (Deus Just \'-\') Majestic Druid 649 online
Madara Uchiha (Don De Dios) Lord Paladin 653 online
Makiavelike (Scareface) Lord Paladin 513 offline
Mascador (Mastiga sem Dó) Lord Paladin 651 offline
Mater Wea Lord Paladin 592 offline
Mc Paladin Litox Royal Paladin 597 online
Megadivo Majestic Druid 721 offline
Michael Vick (El Marido De Tu Mujer) Majestic Druid 655 online
Micoli Majestic Druid 608 offline
Mini Fla (CRISTAL) Monster Knight 503 offline
Mugi Wara (Parte CuLoS) Lord Paladin 614 online
Mysni Majestic Druid 607 online
Ninja Fox (CRISTAL) Majestic Druid 483 offline
Not Problems (Sorry) Elder Druid 601 offline
Paladin Ingeniero (Revolución) Lord Paladin 632 offline
Pepsi Electro (pepsi cola) Elder Druid 399 offline
Perco Elder Druid 482 offline
Phodastic (Grandão Sem Medo) Royal Paladin 553 offline
Pimeaa (MirameSoyunProstituto:$$) Lord Paladin 548 offline
Pimeasa (^^) Majestic Druid 551 offline
Plutis Lord Paladin 601 online
Plutiss Lord Paladin 676 online
Posker Majestic Druid 603 online
Potti Pop Elder Druid 233 offline
Prinsesita Majestic Druid 479 online
Pucchi Royal Paladin 518 online
Puro Sangue (Tank :p) Lord Paladin 664 online
Puta Presa (La puta de Todos) Supreme Sorcerer 570 offline
Quwepe Majestic Druid 606 online
Raider Knight (Zacky Rose) Elite Knight 612 offline
Redtube Ta Off (Caveira) Lord Paladin 588 online
Reggae Nation (I am Di ih) Lord Paladin 671 offline
Relaxado (PUSH MAX ON) Majestic Druid 443 offline
Rumpy (siempreenmiperrofiel) Lord Paladin 549 offline
Scareface (Makia) Majestic Druid 596 offline
Schutz Elder Druid 502 offline
Shaft Lord Paladin 651 online
Shuckme Elder Druid 499 offline
Speed Men (Menor VN) Lord Paladin 551 offline
Staz Charlie (Zacky Rose) Supreme Sorcerer 719 offline
Super Pally Azul (Ryzem) Royal Paladin 532 online
Super Pally Branco (Ryzem) Lord Paladin 596 online
Super Pally Laranj (Ryzem) Royal Paladin 471 online
Super Pally Rosa (Lawliet) Royal Paladin 533 online
Super Pally Vermel (Ryzem) Lord Paladin 599 online
Swezlie Elder Druid 573 offline
Sxnight Elder Druid 497 offline
Tatsumaki Majestic Druid 578 offline
Tecno One Majestic Druid 491 offline
Tengo La Pampara Lord Paladin 553 online
The Anonymos (Tudo certo ...) Lord Paladin 611 online
The Crazy Kina (Relaxado MC) Elite Knight 503 offline
The Federal Monster Knight 610 offline
The Love (El Amor Sana Tu Alma) Lord Paladin 599 online
Toshino Elder Druid 412 offline
Vrsaljko (El Merci Jaja) Majestic Druid 597 offline
Warlot Elder Druid 462 offline
Weed Nation Lord Paladin 500 online
Zentella (Chileno!!!) Lord Paladin 638 offline
Zicky (Olho Morreu) Majestic Druid 535 offline
Fanyk Kendall (Solo Confia) Majestic Druid 513 online

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Super Pally Cinza Nov 30 2019

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Mucky
828, Majestic Druid
2- Hezzik
789, Majestic Druid
3- Flairstaar
763, Supreme Sorcerer
4- American York
760, Lord Paladin
5- Nobzinha
755, Majestic Druid
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