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Guild Information

The guild was founded on ILusioN Baiak on Oct 29 2020.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Maverik Out (Viny) Lord Paladin 612 offline
Redtube Ta On (Mejor Br ;D) Lord Paladin 675 offline
Vice-Leader Joaozera (best player in the world) Elder Druid 425 offline
Mage Look Majestic Druid 546 offline
Member Abysses Loot Majestic Druid 553 offline
Alissia (Son of a Bitch) Lord Paladin 656 offline
American York ($York$) Lord Paladin 882 offline
Bilau De Macaco (VITAO RUSHA) Lord Paladin 591 offline
Bin Laden On Majestic Druid 601 offline
Bloker Mohammed (Doctor Halar) Majestic Druid 401 offline
Bob Loco (NOS QUE Võa BRUXão) Elder Druid 488 offline
Coroa Do Loot Elder Druid 502 offline
Coroa Do Loot Um Elder Druid 517 offline
Danzu Supreme Sorcerer 566 offline
Estou De Volta Majestic Druid 582 offline
Exqable (Twoj Stary Najebany) Lord Paladin 652 offline
Flavitia (011) Monster Knight 610 offline
Flecha Assesina Lord Paladin 499 offline
Forbidden Name (forbidden talk) Elder Druid 419 offline
Hakuouki Master Sorcerer 569 offline
Htkon Majestic Druid 574 offline
Isaac Druid Elder Druid 505 offline
Jenifer Bueno Lord Paladin 598 offline
Liian Yu (Vini (xd)) Lord Paladin 689 offline
Lobby (Prison Break) Majestic Druid 473 offline
Louco De Pedra Supreme Sorcerer 546 offline
Marola Returns Majestic Druid 623 offline
Mecanico Master Sorcerer 443 offline
Necro Dragonheart (fearless~) Lord Paladin 625 offline
Nie Bij (Czarus Ukrainiec) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Nie Sraj (Sram Wam do Ryja) Lord Paladin 603 offline
Nirvana (Rei Delas) Majestic Druid 553 offline
Pecria Zn Lord Paladin 500 offline
Pertubadoo (011 é o DDD) Elder Druid 451 offline
Prince Pally (CARA QUE SONO) Lord Paladin 572 offline
Push Maxi Master Sorcerer 434 offline
Quwepe Majestic Druid 611 offline
Roza Wiatrow (Mrs Mean) Lord Paladin 611 offline
Ryze Branco (BROTAAAAA) Majestic Druid 604 offline
Sann (@JR) Majestic Druid 623 offline
Se Morrer Volta Majestic Druid 596 offline
Slayerz (N.A MRM-VAZA) Majestic Druid 556 offline
Sleep Neon (~ Alagoano Deboxado ~) Lord Paladin 701 offline
Slim Shady Elder Druid 548 offline
Snoop Dog (PK lizo) Majestic Druid 551 offline
Soxor King Supreme Sorcerer 551 offline
Spawnc Lord Paladin 669 offline
Speak Plones Bro Majestic Druid 478 offline
Suh Trapstar Elder Druid 551 offline
Supremo X (El mas vergas del clan) Majestic Druid 468 offline
Tamtam (Mecanico) Majestic Druid 501 offline
The Loot Of Mmago Majestic Druid 550 offline
Thirrasgo Zn Majestic Druid 509 offline
Tio Domingos Master Sorcerer 438 offline
True Six (⍨ Deboxado ⍨) Lord Paladin 596 offline
Urso Da Coca Master Sorcerer 582 offline
Uwaga Gryze (Wredniejsza od Twojej Starej) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Wesley Trapstar (Tenshi) Majestic Druid 502 offline
Wilzin Neon (Alagoano Deboxado) Majestic Druid 593 offline
Yamashiro (Maker Grana) Master Sorcerer 553 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Dichvas Loot Nov 06 2020
Gosia Oct 29 2020
Josep Mala Pytka Nov 29 2020

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Gugao Ofamoso
899, Majestic Druid
2- American York
882, Lord Paladin
3- Guthan
880, Majestic Druid
4- Jack Stall Beck
831, Majestic Druid
5- Charlove
808, Lord Paladin
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