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Guild Information
/warinvite, THE KINGS, 100
!warentrosa invite, THE KINGS, Carlin, 20

The guild was founded on ILusioN Baiak on Jan 30 2020.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
KING Dark Panther (OLD MAIQUINHO) Monster Knight 491 offline
Guthan (;)) Majestic Druid 700 online
Maiquinho Pena (ORIGINAL) Majestic Druid 470 offline
Rafasz Deboxa Full (OTAL DO RAFASZ;]) Elite Knight 534 offline
Rafasz Talkactions (O TAL DO RAFASZ ;]) Lord Paladin 556 offline
Tcp Lg (;)) Lord Paladin 608 offline
NOBRE Alectrona (CHORA AGORA, RI DEPOIS) Majestic Druid 569 offline
Hookah King (quadrilha da fumaça) Majestic Druid 551 online
Lechszy Tingle (MALADEZA) Majestic Druid 529 offline
Paly Do Mav Lord Paladin 538 offline
Rota Comando (Gustavo) Elder Druid 554 offline
Tatu Majestic Druid 529 online
Whoami Majestic Druid 577 online
PLEBEU Aaudi Dois Royal Paladin 417 offline
Aaudi Quatro Royal Paladin 414 offline
Aaudi Tres Royal Paladin 419 offline
Aaudi Um Royal Paladin 297 offline
Anti Respingo (Town Country Hawaii) Supreme Sorcerer 537 offline
Antonny Returns (Axe Charlove) Majestic Druid 560 offline
Asfark (BaáH Veio) Majestic Druid 558 offline
Axe Charlove (PAI TA CHATO) Supreme Sorcerer 610 offline
Barvarianz (Alagoano XD) Majestic Druid 554 offline
Bebe On (BERNARDO ON) Majestic Druid 467 offline
Blitzz Monster Knight 509 offline
Bora Bolar Um (Luciano`Monteiro) Lord Paladin 580 online
Bruxelas (By VitorJr) Supreme Sorcerer 600 offline
Bruxinha Malvada Majestic Druid 566 offline
Buchannas Majestic Druid 501 offline
Cata Ossos (33 Patrocina) Lord Paladin 547 offline
Cave Rat Is Back Elder Druid 600 online
Colleen Wing (Nunca triste, Siempre loco) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Coronel Maconha (Bolt Violenta) Lord Paladin 601 online
Coronel Rp (TREPINHA NA MISSÃO) Elder Druid 552 offline
Cristiano ronaldo Elder Druid 319 offline
Crystal Bow Lord Paladin 602 offline
Curiepeiro (The Marihuaneiro) Majestic Druid 508 offline
Curiepeiro Jr Elder Druid 444 offline
Digolerah Lord Paladin 547 offline
Doffu Mcz Majestic Druid 513 offline
Don Floki (Don Floki !) Royal Paladin 505 online
Druid Locko (Luciano\'Monteiro) Majestic Druid 568 offline
Druida King (keep it real) Majestic Druid 482 offline
Druiddz (xdxd) Majestic Druid 523 offline
Dugaiis (Brota Brota) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Dusk Too Good Majestic Druid 509 offline
Ecstasyy Elder Druid 534 offline
Electryone Master Sorcerer 501 offline
Elesis Monster Knight 580 offline
Ephraim Black (MACONHEIRO) Elder Druid 475 offline
Exterminioo (Novato) Elder Druid 500 offline
Fabinz Master Sorcerer 611 online
Faustim Lord Paladin 610 offline
Fi Do Cabruncoo Royal Paladin 484 offline
Flecha Valadares (Leo Vara Grossa) Lord Paladin 582 online
Folari Majestic Druid 498 offline
Hakaishinn (PJLIU) Majestic Druid 559 online
Hated By All (O foco éo golpe) Majestic Druid 537 offline
Hemodialise (Pit No Bang) Majestic Druid 500 offline
Hookah King Queen Elder Druid 493 offline
Ice Mage Majestic Druid 574 offline
Infernalis Lord Paladin 536 online
Instinto Maldito Lord Paladin 553 online
Izmoks Majestic Druid 601 offline
Jefmonarca (bem educado) Lord Paladin 533 offline
Joaozinhow Lord Paladin 556 offline
Judete Lord Paladin 600 offline
Kaiquerah Elder Druid 543 offline
Kayoken Elder Druid 548 offline
Keep It Melow (Deus cria nois mata) Majestic Druid 599 offline
King Castle Lord Paladin 680 online
Kinkaku Elite Knight 570 offline
Knight Malvado (Igor) Monster Knight 602 offline
Kriito Lord Paladin 606 offline
Lanca Perfume (Bico Verde) Majestic Druid 571 offline
Laryssa Linda (Flecha) Supreme Sorcerer 568 offline
Leo Messii (Argentino) Lord Paladin 599 online
Lermatyx Majestic Druid 559 offline
Levii Faria Royal Paladin 551 online
Litorando Master Sorcerer 523 online
Lord Arrows Royal Paladin 490 offline
Lord Shoter (Hakuna matata) Lord Paladin 607 offline
Mago Funker (Luciano`Monteiro) Majestic Druid 585 online
Mandy Na Missao (GOAT) Lord Paladin 583 offline
Master Dunno (tudo viado) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Matz Rp (Traficante33) Lord Paladin 601 online
Mavv Elder Druid 131 offline
Menino Malvado Elder Druid 593 offline
Menor Na Vooz (Jaragua do Sul (SC) Td2) Majestic Druid 552 offline
Mister Myscoynho Royal Paladin 602 offline
Mrl Rush (CORINGA DO TIMAO) Supreme Sorcerer 561 offline
Ngk Ignition (:]) Supreme Sorcerer 599 online
Nicolle (Nike das antigas) Supreme Sorcerer 589 offline
Night Shadow Royal Paladin 532 offline
Ninja Rush Elder Druid 485 offline
Padre Quevedo (Death) Lord Paladin 509 offline
Paulistinha Holmes Lord Paladin 601 offline
Pcc Na Voz Elder Druid 489 offline
Pcyberboy (Saaalve!@) Majestic Druid 526 offline
Petissorin (N concordo nem discordo) Royal Paladin 527 offline
Pombo Stanlley Lord Paladin 623 online
Prin Of Pelego (Aqui a chapa esquenta =D) Royal Paladin 595 offline
Pro Attack (cintura ignorante) Majestic Druid 583 online
Quero Red Elder Druid 601 offline
Rafa Kiitfode Elder Druid 417 offline
Redlabelnamente Lord Paladin 560 offline
Reggae Raaiz (Jaragua do sul (SC)) Royal Paladin 504 offline
Robiin Hood (Vou Tirar de Você Pra Mim xD) Lord Paladin 602 offline
Rock Nasty (Ninja code) Majestic Druid 587 offline
Ruzak Maestro (Slappy;AllEyezOnMe) Lord Paladin 513 offline
Sasuki Lord Paladin 600 online
Scam Majestic Druid 495 offline
Sebastiiao Majestic Druid 484 online
Shinka Elite Knight 301 offline
Shotzin (Amnesia) Lord Paladin 680 offline
Speed Men (Menor VN) Lord Paladin 547 offline
Spooks (Fudendo mais que Tu) Royal Paladin 556 online
Surfando (\'= Surfando Ingual Medina \'=\') Lord Paladin 546 offline
Synister Gates Lord Paladin 487 offline
The Wanted Royal Paladin 519 online
Theuziikk (The King) Lord Paladin 620 offline
Tio Rafa Elder Druid 516 online
Trep Suvann (MONSTRO!) Majestic Druid 582 online
Truco Loco Lord Paladin 503 offline
Vass Relax (Luciano\'Monteiro) Majestic Druid 497 offline
Vasx (EB Infántaria) Elder Druid 432 offline
Vento Nordico Royal Paladin 376 offline
Vou Pegar Red Majestic Druid 602 online
Vrsaljko (Cadu da Show) Majestic Druid 539 offline
Wherick Archer Royal Paladin 513 offline
Windy Kill Bot Lord Paladin 581 offline
Windy Kill Bots Lord Paladin 579 offline
Zika Do Cartola (Gustavo) Majestic Druid 601 offline

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Jack Stall Beck
832, Majestic Druid
2- Miingau
817, Majestic Druid
3- American York
806, Lord Paladin
4- Flairstaar
764, Supreme Sorcerer
5- Nobzinha
755, Majestic Druid