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Timed Out

Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on ILusioN Baiak on May 12 2020.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Buxada De Bode Monster Knight 532 offline
Eduh Zika (Will) Majestic Druid 664 offline
Hiany Majestic Druid 601 offline
Kick Butowski (Marcelo) Majestic Druid 598 offline
Merci Prodigy (Gabriel Merci) Majestic Druid 598 online
Uniizeb Real Time (REAL TIME É MEU EIIN!!) Lord Paladin 694 offline
Wiindows Live (Fala tu que eu to cansado) Lord Paladin 596 offline
Vice-Leader Bandoleiro (I am Leezin) Lord Paladin 738 online
Cannabis Molotov (Fuck The System) Lord Paladin 708 online
Velha Cega (Aqui e Parana cunhado) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Member Akram Royal Paladin 564 offline
Allied Majestic Druid 604 online
Almost Kingsz Elder Druid 465 offline
American York ($York$) Lord Paladin 867 online
Bagoul Majestic Druid 613 offline
Beco Elder Druid 601 offline
Bela (É o trem (BROTA BB)) Lord Paladin 578 online
Black Blocadora (Miguel - PE) Monster Knight 583 offline
Blackk Archerr (o Flechada Violenta) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Boaz Lord Paladin 605 online
Bora Bolar Um (Luciano`Monteiro) Lord Paladin 577 offline
Brembo Lord Paladin 595 online
Bruxo Magnata Majestic Druid 601 offline
Cannabis Kidman Master Sorcerer 683 online
Cannabis Prenssada (Ò VEIO CHEGOU) Majestic Druid 582 online
Carooline (Gatita) Monster Knight 591 online
Casmam Elder Druid 118 offline
Cavco Majestic Druid 529 online
Chavosa (maker do Di Chavandoo) Lord Paladin 614 online
Chora Menos (Choramaisss No toqueee) Lord Paladin 660 offline
Choramais (Vem na bota) Majestic Druid 497 offline
Chuli Lord Paladin 600 offline
Clooroquino Royal Paladin 601 offline
Cloup One Elder Druid 142 offline
Colombia Ek Majestic Druid 472 online
Colombinha (baaaH Padrin) Lord Paladin 566 online
Coronudo Lord Paladin 601 online
Creedence Elder Druid 242 offline
Cronus Bolterman (@VINIBEZERRA._) Lord Paladin 597 offline
Deboresty Papaxota (LeoziinHoO) Majestic Druid 653 offline
Di ih (Mafu?) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Diieguin Elder Druid 501 offline
Diiscovery Kids Elder Druid 595 offline
Doctor Hala ((♕~~BMD~♕)) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Dont Stop (UIIAAAAAAAAAA) Lord Paladin 575 offline
Drauzio Varela (Drauzio GOD) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Druid Rafaell (Alvo Dumbledore) Majestic Druid 617 offline
El Guapo (Argentina Here) Majestic Druid 581 online
English Here Elder Druid 167 offline
Especialista (Matheus Padrinho ;)) Lord Paladin 630 offline
Flokz Myrth Majestic Druid 551 online
Fml Red Master Sorcerer 142 offline
Freddy El Paladin (Archer Made In Venezuela xD) Lord Paladin 603 online
Fulloffup Royal Paladin 565 offline
Gao Pain (Tipo Kamikaze ^^^) Majestic Druid 514 offline
German Cano (Pau no cu de quem ta lendo) Monster Knight 601 offline
Goku Blue Supreme Sorcerer 520 online
Guapo Recargado (Puto el que lea) Lord Paladin 591 offline
Guipvp (Gui~~) Lord Paladin 548 online
Hommer Simsomps (The Bolivian) Master Sorcerer 546 offline
Hunt The Ed Elder Druid 266 offline
Hvdumal (Floripa tá 2) Supreme Sorcerer 600 offline
Imanja (pura calma) Monster Knight 537 offline
Indio Felix Elder Druid 429 offline
Inme Elder Druid 148 offline
Invasion (Até o último homem) Majestic Druid 586 online
Janelbolt (Bololo E Vralll) Royal Paladin 562 online
Jenifer Bueno Lord Paladin 594 offline
Jessickaa (O Filho Chora E A Mãe Não Ve) Majestic Druid 600 offline
Jonax Alvarez (PVP VENEZUELA) Majestic Druid 493 offline
Jubileu Magal Majestic Druid 582 online
King Castle Lord Paladin 705 online
King Deuz Majestic Druid 491 offline
King Mobila ((Monotox)) Royal Paladin 562 offline
Kitii Majestic Druid 603 offline
Kiussa (VIIITAAAAAAAAAAAAO) Majestic Druid 553 offline
Kuki Gol (Gol Papai) Lord Paladin 596 online
Kyoukoo (( marinaa outro rp )) Lord Paladin 557 offline
Last Star (Neverlight) Lord Paladin 575 online
Leezin (.. yo soy bandolero !) Lord Paladin 603 online
Leidy Rush Majestic Druid 496 offline
Lespector (Skud) Lord Paladin 601 offline
Lily Remena Lord Paladin 546 online
Loopi Groop Majestic Druid 598 offline
Loord Paulistinha (Mandrake Louco) Elder Druid 592 offline
Lord Palalindo Lord Paladin 522 online
Lord Rugutok Elder Druid 510 offline
Lord Zin (Vlop^^) Lord Paladin 661 offline
Magrelozik Lord Paladin 598 offline
Makiavelike (Scareface) Lord Paladin 587 offline
Manga Lag On (19cm Mole) Majestic Druid 504 online
Marola Returns Majestic Druid 600 online
Mary Du (Cavco) Lord Paladin 601 online
Master Crownn Master Sorcerer 522 offline
Mastr Ahmed (herd pvp) Majestic Druid 503 online
Maverik Out (Viny) Lord Paladin 629 offline
Mayo Zambada (El Sinaloense) Supreme Sorcerer 504 offline
Meat Noodles (@VINIBEZERRA._) Lord Paladin 583 offline
Men Nakk (Pvp) Elder Druid 547 online
Merci Camisadez (Gabriel Merci pô) Majestic Druid 567 offline
Michael Vick (El Marido De Tu Mujer) Majestic Druid 673 online
Miojo De Galinha (VITAO RUSHA) Lord Paladin 550 offline
Monotox (Triton Branca De Neve) Lord Paladin 637 offline
Montesquieu (D~a~n~i~e~l~C~o~s~t~a) Majestic Druid 602 offline
Muarmakhadaf (Hotspot XAVADY) Supreme Sorcerer 635 online
My Name Is Lucas (MegatroN !) Majestic Druid 602 online
Narguileiro (Ryzem) Royal Paladin 608 offline
Nego Mata (6 é bixa?) Majestic Druid 609 online
Ngc Flacko (Celebridade) Royal Paladin 382 offline
Oomiranha (Meticuloso) Majestic Druid 558 online
Paladin Pkzin ((«Olhou, Agora VAZA«)) Lord Paladin 530 online
Pally Rosx (Pally Rosx) Lord Paladin 505 offline
Passanada (PASSANADA NEM PODE) Lord Paladin 570 offline
Pinokio Endiabrado (Gepetto n foi tao otimo?) Lord Paladin 578 online
Porongavirus Majestic Druid 601 online
Posker Majestic Druid 610 offline
Quwepe Majestic Druid 608 offline
Rahal Majestic Druid 580 offline
Rapper School (Acesino) Lord Paladin 583 online
Redtube Ta On (Mejor Br ;D) Lord Paladin 662 offline
Rei Do Clutch Master Sorcerer 399 offline
Residance (agus?) Lord Paladin 599 online
Rivotril Do Bem (FLORIPA) Lord Paladin 579 online
Rozinho Da Ball (TODO MUNDO DE CYCLONE) Majestic Druid 517 offline
Rp Magnata (\'Arqueiro Poderoso\') Lord Paladin 555 offline
Rugutok Royal Paladin 599 online
Ruull (Montoya) Majestic Druid 572 online
Saint Miller Lord Paladin 575 offline
Sarkorm Wazrel Majestic Druid 604 offline
Sattanzinha (Dpsy) Lord Paladin 685 offline
Shaft Lord Paladin 677 online
Shofia (Kendall my love) Lord Paladin 742 online
Sir Topox Lord Paladin 588 offline
Skud Fly (?????) Majestic Druid 609 offline
Smooking (David ^^) Lord Paladin 750 online
Sobalaoquevoa (Ticole ê Muito Bom) Lord Paladin 594 offline
Stedeman Elder Druid 532 online
Suprias Xi (mata mais que o corona virus) Lord Paladin 602 offline
Suzor Lord Paladin 715 online
The Kiler (Surdinho) Lord Paladin 594 online
Tmj Familia Elder Druid 123 offline
Tom Shelby Majestic Druid 565 online
True Six (Rubro Negro) Lord Paladin 571 online
Tudodoispassanada Majestic Druid 601 online
Tupac Shakurdown (I am Leezin) Majestic Druid 615 online
Uzumaki Himawari Lord Paladin 644 offline
Victor Perez Jaz (PERU IN THE HOUSE !) Majestic Druid 632 online
Vishi Maria (MAAS FLAAAAAM NOS FDPPPPPPP) Master Sorcerer 553 offline
Vitao Du Paliin (VITAO RUSHA) Lord Paladin 673 online
Vitao Du Palin (Lord Paralyse 019 4i20.SP:D) Majestic Druid 500 offline
Vyssen (I do not believe anything) Lord Paladin 761 online
Wedzy Royal Paladin 541 offline
White Fluffly Elder Druid 535 online
Wiindows Vista Elite Knight 452 offline
Xuxuzinhu Majestic Druid 670 offline
Yana Kirons Majestic Druid 493 offline
You Love Psy Elder Druid 190 offline
Zdand (I am the ghost) Lord Paladin 558 online
Maker Pelego Bandiit Majestic Druid 601 offline
Da Massa Lord Paladin 588 offline
Dpsy (Brenno) Majestic Druid 637 online
Frottzaard Elder Druid 467 offline
Gaara The Desert (Arriving) Elder Druid 450 offline
Lord Boldermort Majestic Druid 563 offline
Raru (By Lord Zin) Lord Paladin 572 offline
Reevoltsz Elder Druid 549 offline
Saurfang Monster Knight 590 offline
Scareface (Makia) Majestic Druid 603 offline
Sir Blondi (Lord Zin) Majestic Druid 590 offline
Sorexs Elder Druid 556 offline
Tito Egg (I Fuck You Mother D:) Majestic Druid 420 online
Tuga Isback (P0rTuG@) Royal Paladin 553 online
Vaca Apetitosa (Leites e Produtos Variados) Lord Paladin 600 offline
Whiskyzada (Primeiro Comando) Master Sorcerer 475 offline
Maker Loot Argom (Freddy El Paladin MC) Royal Paladin 405 offline
Arriving (Gaara Arriving) Elder Druid 607 online
Carreta Dois Elder Druid 562 offline
Kyng Costle Lord Paladin 649 offline
Muscovite Elder Druid 507 offline
Mysni (Idk) Majestic Druid 638 offline
Power Amarilo Royal Paladin 618 online
Power Azul Royal Paladin 614 online
Power Rosa Royal Paladin 618 online
Power Verde Royal Paladin 615 online
Pro Noaki Majestic Druid 638 offline
Sann (Saaalve!) Majestic Druid 621 offline
Serendipity (Eternal Manga) Royal Paladin 537 online
Sovapoofamilia (Taligadoneveilhotudodois) Majestic Druid 610 offline
Whatsapp Messenger Lord Paladin 641 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Best Marola May 13 2020
Capitao Do Guetto May 16 2020
Di Chavando May 13 2020
Engeo Pleno May 13 2020
Flavitia May 13 2020
Mage Prince May 13 2020
Marina May 13 2020
Oh Brabo May 16 2020
Rawrz May 13 2020
Rozinho Um May 14 2020
Taka flecha May 13 2020
Windows Vista May 26 2020

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- American York
867, Lord Paladin
2- Jack Stall Beck
831, Majestic Druid
3- Miingau
817, Majestic Druid
4- Guthan
791, Majestic Druid
5- Fogo No Parquinho
769, Lord Paladin
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