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Server Rules
1 - Do not comment on Reset, much less state that it will reset, generate a ban or delete.
2 - Not making free items, generates a ban and in extreme cases deleted.
3 - Not blocking caves (trap hunt), preventing the access of another player to the cave, generates banishment.
4 - Do not offend tutors on the HELP channel, it generates a ban for offenses.
Desrespeitar orientação/alertas dos GM/CMS sobre irregularidades também pode ocasionar banimento.
5 - Do not generate fraudulent offers in the Trade OFF system.
6 - Advertisements from other servers are prohibited.
7 - All players are fully responsible for their items, the administration is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
8 - The server does not return donation amounts.
9 - Points are valid for 6 months from the day they were purchased.
10 - It is prohibited to sell scripts for BOT.
11 - The sale of characters and items for real money or any other currency outside the server is prohibited. The player who keeps sending contact (Whatsapp, Facebook, etc) or sending offers for marketing outside the game may also be banned.
12 - The sale or exchange of items from Baiak Illusion to other servers is prohibited.
13 - Impersonating (pretending to be) any member of the administration is prohibited.
14 - Any player who benefits from any bug will have their account permanently banned and in extreme cases it can be deleted without any prior notice.
15 - Not blocking access to the Castle including (trap stack), preventing the invasion of other players to the castle, generates banishment.
16 - It is forbidden to use more than 2 MCs (1 main + 2 MCs) to gain advantage in DAMAGE against the opponent. The player who uses MC/s and joins other players who are also using MC, exceeding the maximum allowed amount, fall under the rule.
17 - It is forbidden to generate false frag results in order to stand out in places that use frags as information.
- Extra intentions that circumvent natural actions also fall under this rule.
18 - It is forbidden to use MCs in the Castles battle area.
19 - The scripts for the domination of Castle24hrs is prohibited, abuse with the permanence of characters in the Castle battle area is also prohibited.
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