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World Information
Status: Online
Server PVP Type
Players Online: 99 Players Online
Online Record: 1150 players (on Apr 28 2020, 21:27:33 -03)
Creation Date: 15/06/2016
Location: Montreal - Canada
PvP Type: Open PvP
Transfer Type: Blocked
World Quest Titles: This game world currently has no title.

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Name  [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation  [sort]
Acc Um595Nature Healer 
Ai Bebe498Royal Paladin
Ale Game Over595Hell Archer 
Arre472Nature Healer 
Baamplix585Elite Knight
Bastiao556Elite Knight
Bazzy525Elder Druid
Belialuin610Hell Archer 
Bolsinho Da Cura608Elder Druid
Bolsinho De Deus612Demon Wizard 
Bolsinho De Jesus719Demon Wizard 
Bolsinho Do Diabo640Hell Archer 
Bolsinho Violento619Demon Wizard 
Boss Mama601Undead Gladiator 
Bushwick600Hell Archer 
By Pompaci601Nature Healer 
Caio El Patron531Nature Healer 
Callzx Bulls601Hell Archer 
Chunglonghwang609Nature Healer 
Cilgin Bedis603Hell Archer 
Comedor De Cus575Elite Knight
Crazy Men545Elder Druid
Crezycheskkyon511Royal Paladin
Cu De Cana731Undead Gladiator 
Cyzekz Bolt690Nature Healer 
Dandolini676Demon Wizard 
Dash Hellz484Master Sorcerer
Delmal672Undead Gladiator 
Demonic Healer106Elder Druid
Di ih670Nature Healer 
Diegovsky604Undead Gladiator 
Druid Sd Pk548Nature Healer 
El Pekoo674Hell Archer 
Elisangela Tks388Elder Druid
Elite Will602Undead Gladiator 
Erico Desumilde559Master Sorcerer
Eternal Six609Hell Archer 
Ewixx503Royal Paladin
Fierabraz607Nature Healer 
Firifiri711Nature Healer 
Flecha Assesina596Hell Archer 
Fogo No Parquinho771Hell Archer 
Freddy El Paladin639Hell Archer 
Free Bird555Royal Paladin
Free Br24Elder Druid
Gano460Elder Druid
Ghost Rider624Hell Archer 
Golden State508Elite Knight
Gran Pally611Hell Archer 
Great Paly603Hell Archer 
Grov497Master Sorcerer
Hagoromo Otsutsuki610Hell Archer 
Heala Coleguinha446Elder Druid
Homem Coco606Elite Knight
Irgao448Elder Druid
Itz Kor511Nature Healer 
John Stuart602Hell Archer 
Ken Kaneki600Royal Paladin
Keshu600Nature Healer 
Kevin Loko533Elder Druid
Leagues677Nature Healer 
Leeandriin558Hell Archer 
Lucia Ms427Master Sorcerer
Madara Uchiha662Hell Archer 
Maloka Show600Elder Druid
Manyaq601Nature Healer 
Marrys342Elite Knight
Matthew Kidman510Hell Archer 
Md Poland570Nature Healer 
Medopontocom597Royal Paladin
Moscoio601Hell Archer 
Nothing Is Forever579Nature Healer 
One Punch589Undead Gladiator 
Pally Cruell516Royal Paladin
Pally Uchiha600Hell Archer 
Park Art604Hell Archer 
Pegada Violenta655Nature Healer 
Peglow475Royal Paladin
Pelvis61Royal Paladin
Play hardy604Hell Archer 
Reyna Rp487Royal Paladin
Reytamex570Nature Healer 
Rockybalboa609Hell Archer 
Royal Bruxzin601Hell Archer 
Ryomen Sukuna595Elder Druid
Skadad520Elder Druid
Tingolilingo572Hell Archer 
Tv Cik471Elder Druid
Victor Perez Jaz760Nature Healer 
Ving Elwi585Undead Gladiator 
Vip Joker616Undead Gladiator 
Vitacho Dark685Nature Healer 
Vodofone581Nature Healer 
War Master524Elite Knight
Xicotamex612Hell Archer 
Xkeshux552Hell Archer 
Zack Kramor585Nature Healer 
Zaza536Elder Druid
Zentellaa429Hell Archer 

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1- Gugao Ofamoso
900, Majestic Druid
2- American York
882, Lord Paladin
3- Guthan
882, Majestic Druid
4- Jack Stall Beck
831, Majestic Druid
5- Charlove
808, Lord Paladin